Faith in Humanity Restored 100%

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I woke up this morning (Jan. 27 2019) and logged into my Second Life Dashboard to check on things as I do every morning… and my jaw dropped. So many amazing people came out to participate in the sale or just toss a few L$ into the donation thermometer to help out me and my odd little family during our time of crisis. I have been completely blown away by two people in particular who are well aware of who they are… But you’re all fucking amazing, you’ve all saved us. We’ve made enough, thanks to your donations, to make rent on time and make a grocery run and just.. survive… until the other half’s back-pay comes in and stabilizes things further.

There are genuinely no words for how incredibly grateful I am for everyone’s help during this crisis. It really has restored my faith in humanity so very much. I figured it was a shot in the dark to start the sale and ask for help, I hated doing it. I still loath the fact that I had to put myself out there like that, considering how awkward I’ve always been with people and how my friend network in SL has been practically nonexistent since I stopped being capable of spending every waking minute in world a couple years ago… Never in my life did I think myself worthy of such an outpouring of kindness and generosity… but you’ve all proved me so very wrong and I wish there was something I could do to repay everyone. The best I can do, however, is promise to pass it on if the opportunity ever arises… and do my best to remember that angels do exist and nobody is so disconnected to be completely without hope if they retain the ability to reach out and ask for help.

Thank you. Thank you all from the very bottom of my twisted, black little heart.

You’ve saved us.


George thanks you as well.


Also, because I already selected and announced the end date of the sale, I’m just going to let it run its course. So if you’re interested in grabbing something from the shop for 50% off you have until January 31st at 11:59pm to do so! (Click here to Teleport!)

Real Life Emergency Sale!!

emergency sale sign

Click here to stop by the shop today

Everything is 50% off until January 31st 11:59pm!

This includes:  Furniture (Adult, PG, AND Decorative) – Jewelry & Accessories – All Buildings & Skyboxes – All GACHA MACHINES – Basically EVERYTHING in the store!!

This is not a joke or a hoax, I am very much in danger of losing the apartment and be homeless if I don’t get help fast.


For those of you not in the United States, our government has been ‘partially’ shut down for a little over a month now. It doesn’t matter why or whose fault it was or what needs to be done to re-open it. What does matter is my better half works for a branch of the government as an IT specialist (basically they keeps things functional and remind people to try turning it off and back on again if things go buggy) and that branch has been shut down since late December. Recently, they’ve been required to come back in to work but WITHOUT pay. If they refuses, they’ll be fired.

They’re technically a ‘legal’ slave at the moment.

Due to my health taking a rather violent nosedive a couple years ago I haven’t been able to hold a real life job and my work here has (obviously) suffered due to the fact that my migraines can be triggered by anything that gives me a lot of stress… like arguing with blender while attempting to meet a looming deadline. This is because, when I’m stressed out I do what most human beings do, I clench my teeth and that, in turn, causes my jaw and SCM muscles to tighten. When my right SCM muscle tightens it knots which, in turn, triggers a migraine and then I’m laid out in bed for days or weeks at a time while I pray for the world to stop spinning, or for a quick death. I am medicated but that doesn’t fix the problem entirely. Anyway, long story short it makes keeping a job or working here consistently an extreme challenge, if not entirely impossible.

So here we are, over 30 days into the government shutdown. Missing two paychecks from the other half’s job. Living on credit cards and borrowed time. Unfortunately, the credit cards have backfired due to some asshole across the country managing, somehow, to get a hold of our visa card number and maxing that out. What little we have left is beginning to dry up fast and February’s rent is looming less than a week away.

We have nowhere to turn, no family to help us. I’ve been a complete wreck for the last few weeks because of this mess. I feel useless and hopeless and there isn’t much I can do to help the situation beyond not eating too much or otherwise putting any further financial strain on the situation. I feel horrible asking you guys for help, each of you have your own issues to deal with but this is all I can do and things have become so dire I have to do SOMETHING…

So please… if you can find it in your hearts to stop by the shop and help out it would be greatly appreciated. Everything’s been discounted to 50% off until the end of the month (Jan. 31st) and there’s a donation thermometer in the front of the shop for those of you who don’t want to buy anything but still want to help out with what little you can spare.

Anything counts. Everything is appreciated. I wish I could offer more in return but all I can really offer at the moment is my undying gratitude to anyone kind enough to help us.

Click here to stop by the shop today

emergency sale sign


If you won’t do it for me, at least do it for George. He deserves a warm home and good food. He’s over 13 now, he’s been our little dude all his life so rehoming isn’t an option… and he hates car rides more than damn near everything so living in a pickup truck really isn’t a great idea.


Update: As of 12pm-ish on 1/25/19 (Ironically, the exact time this post originally went out) the President of the US announced a 3 week C.R. to reopen the government until February 15th. I am going through with the sale and continue to ask you to please donate what you can. We have no idea when my partner’s pay will be released and rent is still looming dangerously before us. I take every word that orange buffoon says with a bucket of salt and things have been so rocky lately that if things shut down again after February 15th it’s going to continue to be a nightmare for us as we attempt to simply survive with a roof over our heads. So please stop by, enjoy the sale, or donate what you can to the thermometer up front. Every little bit helps.

Thank you. Every single one of you.


The Magic Words…

It’s time again, my lovelies, for this year’s annual Hocus Pocus trick-or-treat style HUD hunt tradition! That’s right, ~*Souzou Eien*~ has cooked up an eclectic bundle of goodies just for those lucky enough to be selected by the magical cauldron OR those who decide to simply bite the proverbial bullet and purchase the bundle for only 50L$!

For those of you who have no idea what the Hocus Pocus event is, it’s fairly simple!

For full info on the event check out their website

Otherwise here’s a quick rundown:

Pick up a free HUD either on Marketplace or at the Hocus Pocus HQ in world

Equip it (ADD it)

Click on whichever store name you’re interested in and a photo of their offering to the event will pop up above the HUD.

If the item tickles your fancy – click  on the picture and you’ll be teleported to the store.

Once at the store locate the cauldron, there should also be a vendor nearby offering the item for 50L$.

If you’d like to try to win the item, simply type ‘hocus pocus’ (without the ‘) into chat while standing near the cauldron. If you won, you get the item for FREE! If you didn’t you can try again later, maybe… or you can purchase the offered item from the nearby vendor for only 50L$!

This event runs from 10/25/18-11/2/18 and has a TON of AMAZING stores involved!

And now, without further ado…

The following items are:

100% Original Mesh

Materials Enabled

Mod/Copy/No Trans

Ouija table rug necklace vend

Don’t forget about the other events ~*Souzou Eien*~ is involved in this October:

There’s a lovely goth furniture set available at We ❤ RP

Three hunts are currently running at the main store location, each with great prizes!

Every single Gacha Machine at the ~*S.E.*~ Main Store has been reduced to ONLY 20L PER PLAY! Until the end of October!

Stay The Night…

…Stay Forever…

Earlier this month we had a HUGE announcement about a variety of Hunts ~*Souzou Eien*~ is participating in, PLUS our We ❤ RP contribution for October, AND a 20L SALE on ALL Gachas found in our main store location! Well, today we’re adding to our October Madness by releasing a rather unique and fun little item that has been released into 25L Tuesday on 10/23/18. That’s right! The following item is BRAND SPANKING NEW and currently available for ONLY 25L until Wednesday 10/24/18!

So grab it for a fantastic discount before the price goes up on Wednesday and cap off your Halloween decor with something delightfully wicked!

The following items are:

Mod/Copy/No Trans

100% Original Mesh

Materials Enabled

Each stand alone sign is ONLY 1 land impact

The flickering sign is scripted to switch from one sign to the other AT RANDOM or when clicked and is only 3 land impact!

These items are sold as a ‘pack’ so on 10/23/18 you can buy them ALL

for 1 payment of 25L!

So what’re you waiting for? Grab one a set today!

Can’t make it to 25L Tuesday? These will be circulated into the store both in world an on Marketplace soon! Just… not for 25L 😦

Great Gacha Goodies!

Not only is ~*Souzou Eien*~ involved in THREE hunts this month AND a bunch of amazing stuff was released into the We ❤ RP event... but there’s also a SALE going on at our main store location for the month of October! So drop by today and see what delights you can find or WIN!

Gacha Sale

The Gacha sale only lasts until November 1st, then the prices will be going back up, so come quick before the opportunity to WIN nearly free goodies is lost to time!

Trick Or Treat!

You know the routine, going from door to door to beg goodies and hoping to avoid nasty pranks (do people even do pranks for halloween anymore?)

Well ~*Souzou Eien*~ has some great goodies to offer you this Halloween Season! Not only have we released some incredible items into We ❤ RP for the October round, but we’re also involved in THREE amazing HUNTS this month!

Each hunt is themed, unique, and offers something a little different to hunters, so check out further info below!

All Hunt Items Are

Mod/Copy/No Trans

Materials Enabled

100% Free for the duration of the hunt!



September 28 – October 28


Hunt Information

Hunt Start Location

~*Souzou Eien*~ is #39


October 1 – October 31

DHH18 Demons & Heathens HuntNatures Canvas Vend

Hunt Information

Hunt Start Location

~*Souzou Eien*~ is #21


October 4 – October 27

psh4 2018 signInfernal Blessing Vend

Hunt Information

Hunt Start Location

~*Souzou Eien*~ is #9


Can’t make it through the hunt or have better things to do? Most hunt items do end up filtering into the shop in one form or another… but if you want them for free or less than 10L$ it’s a good idea to join the hunt.

We ♥ October!

It took a few months of work. Slow work. Annoyingly slow work… but I managed to bang together a few great items for everyone’s favorite non-Xmas oriented month!


There’s a LOT going on this October, a lot starting up at the beginning of the month and a few key events towards the end, so keep an eye out for more posts throughout the month!


Let’s start things off with everyone’s favorite fantasy/roleplay event:

We ♥ RP!

All of the following items are:

Only available at the We ♥ RP Event from October 4th – October 31st 2018

Mod/Copy/No Trans

Low Land Impact (see images for details)

100% Original Mesh

Materials Enabled

Texture Change Scripted

25% off until the end of the event!


Gothique Furniture Set VendCoffinshelves VendPentashelves Vend

Available October 4th @ 1pm SLT – October 30th!

25% off throughout the event, so grab it before the price goes up!

Time and Tides…

Hello my darlings. I feel like I’m announcing my continued existence every other post these days, as sparse as those posts seem to be. And here I am again to mention that I do, in fact, still exist.

Unfortunately, today’s news isn’t all good.

It feels like only yesterday I was settling ~*Souzou Eien*~ into the Dream Catcher sim and promising everyone within earshot that it would remain there for quite some time.. But alas, that time has passed, and as much as I have adored having my own sim and space to do with as I please, I find myself unable to maintain the little patch of heaven I have previously managed to carry on with ease.

Due to my continued health concerns I have been forced to make some less than thrilling lifestyle changes. One of the more major ones is no longer spending 8+ hours a day hunched over my keyboard, snarling at Blender as I crank out one mesh concoction after another. As you may have noticed, the shop has been somewhat void of new releases… that would be why. No, I don’t like it either, but when the choice is between that and crippling vertigo and migraines, I must admit I prefer the lack of such tortures. Sadly, due to the lack of continuous New Releases, I am forced to manage on my (substantially lessened) passive income brought in by the shop and sales made via Marketplace. So I have decided to move the shop to somewhere a bit easier for me to maintain at that drastically reduced rate of income.

Just to clarify for those in the back, the shop is MOVING. It is NOT closing. I repeat – MOVING Closing. You will still be able to find the majority of your favorite items available in world and on Marketplace. In fact, I have resurrected the Lucky Boards and Midnight Mania Board, both of which can now be found in the NEW Mainstore Location In World!

If you aren’t interested in anything currently available, I am doing what little I can to work on some fun new releases for the future, but it is substantially slower going than it has been in the past so please do be patient with me. If you would like to support the shop and myself, or are feeling particularly generous, please feel free to drop a few L$ in the small top hat donation jar on the front desk of the new location.


New Location:


Yes, it’s mainland. Yes, it can be laggy. It’s what I can afford. Yes, that does suck.

If you’re having trouble, turn down your draw distance and/or turn off shadows.

If you’re still having trouble, it’s probably your computer.

Don’t want to deal with it at ALL? Everything(ish) is available on Marketplace.

Just for shits and giggles – Photos of the New Location:

Comes across all shy and coy

We ❤ RP June 4th 1pm – June 30th

I spent all day working on this thing, I’ve been fighting a vertigo migraine the whole time. I’m sorry if I can’t think of anything spectacular to type here. Enjoy this song instead.



Sweet Princess Cushion

Mod/Copy/No Trans

Materials Enabled

Scripted Texture Change

Tons of quality animations!

See pics for more info!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Available June 4th @ 1pm SLT – June 30th!

25% off throughout the event, so grab it before the price goes up!


The reports of my death…

Have been greatly exaggerated.

-Mark Twain

I’m aware that ~*S.E.*~ hasn’t been releasing things as rapidly or en masse as it has throughout these past ten years, and I apologize for that. However, my health has been less than spectacular over the last year. I’m the proud owner the following diagnosis – ‘Chronic Tension-related Vestibular Migraines’. This means, among other things, that I need to cut down the amount of stress I experience as well as take a nice little pill every day to keep the dizzy spells at bay. I’ve reached a point where I can actually work a bit, however, so I still plan on releasing something into the shop when I’m feeling particularly capable. Don’t give up on ~*Souzou Eien*~ just yet, we haven’t shut down, we’ve just slowed down to a manageable crawl.


Now on with the good stuff! It’s time for another edition of We ❤ RP and ~*Souzou Eien*~ is offering something simple, a little naughty, low land impact, and adjustable! Ladies, Gentlemen, and every other unique being, we at ~*Souzou Eien*~ presents to you;

The Simple Pet Bed

Mod/Copy/No Trans

Materials Enabled

Accessory scripted removal/addition

Tons of quality animations!



Available March 4th @ 1pm SLT – March 31st!

25% off throughout the event, so grab it before the price goes up!