Five years and counting…

I’d start this by saying “It seems like only yesterday” but it really doesn’t.

Second Life is a strange place where a day can feel like five minutes or a week, and a week can feel like a lifetime.

Everything moves so quickly or not at all, one quickly loses track of time altogether if they allow themselves to.

Seven years ago I was born into this digital madness, a short while after that I began to create things for myself and my friends.

Five years ago I released an odd little bit of madness into the realm of Second Life and never dreamed it would grow as it has.

~*Souzou Eien*~, Imagine Eternity… I never thought the name would ring so clearly as it does today.

Through one incarnation after the next, it has served as an outlet for my dreams, a passion, a teacher, a frustration.

I have pushed myself further and harder with this shop than I believe I have with anything else in my life.

Steadfast, incredible, unwavering, dependable, the true reason I remain in Second Life to this day.

And now… It’s turned 5 years old.

Celebrate with me?


5th anniversary sale poster


From September 1st – 30th all “Kit Mesh” items are 50% off.

After September they are all being REMOVED from the store and no new kit mesh will be added. Why? Because it’s time to move on as an original mesh content creator.

To simplify things, all Kit Mesh items have been moved to the -central- tower of the ~*Souzou Eien*~ Main Store Location.

If it’s there and not a gacha machine, it’s on sale!


There is a 75L$ Gift Card available at the LANDING POINT of the Main Store location. This is available for FREE but limited to one per customer. (The vendor requires you pay 1L but it will refund it to you automatically).


Did you know that all ~*Souzou Eien*~ VIPs get access to free group gifts no one else can receive? Or that they get a 50% refund on all New Releases until they’re moved out of the New Release area?

Well guess what! It’s free to join the ~*Souzou Eien*~ VIP group throughout September!

Normally cost to join is 50L$.


Speaking of group gifts, all former VIP only gifts (found in the boxes under the MM board) are now free to EVERYONE.

They will be retired after the sale to make way for new group gifts so grab them before they’re gone!


This sale does not translate into Marketplace or InWorldz. This is a strictly Second Life Main Store Sale, so drop by sometime in September, you may just find something you can’t live without!



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