A very pointy Halloween Release!

I know, I’m sure you’re all disappointed I didn’t go the vulgar route but hey, that’s not my style.

These have been posted on the blog before, they’ve been included in events before, however they’re being posted again, isn’t that great?!

You bet your boots it is. Why? Because ~*Souzou Eien*~ has undergone a bit of a face lift and I want to show off, dangit. I have that right!

So with no further ado, I present, the new vendor advert stye for ~*Souzou Eien*~!

Celestial Horns Vendor N Mephis Horns Vend N Oriax Horns Vend N Seraphic Horns Vend N

Don’t forget, as long as these items are on the New Release board in world any VIP group member that purchases them will receive a 50% refund for each!

So visit us in world today!

Oh and, in case you didn’t notice, the logo’s been redone as well? See it there in the upper right hand corner? The line work for that was done by a dear friend and an incredible artist, VincentVile Desantis! I just coloured inside the lines and made it look all shiny and stuff. Thank you so much, Vinny!

Yes, all older item photos will slowly be updated over the next month or two while I’m not inundated with other projects. So keep an eye out around the shop, an old favorite may just get the face lift it’s always deserved!

Don’t lose your head…

Seriously, it’s quite a hazard once it’s been removed.

The following product will be available for the incredible Paradox Messmer‘s Halloween Hellraiser event.

More on the event later.. For now, the gruesome goody!

As always it is 100% Original Mesh.

Mod/Copy (It CAN be fitted to male or female base shapes)

It comes with the mesh, head alpha, and tattoo layer just to round things off nicely.

A little off the top vendor pic

Also if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been trying out a few different vendor styles. Want in on the fun? Check out the contest button at the top of the page and join in!


Alright, more on the Halloween Hellraiser event.

This event is going on October 18th – 19th at Dox’s incredible club, Soundproof.

50% of all vendor sales are going to benefit the MHA (Mental Health America) Charity.

There will be AMAZING DJs playing ’round the clock (from 12pm – 10pm slt) , goodies, prizes, gachas, and more!

The sale, btw, is continuing through the 1st of November!

Drop by, enjoy the music, the crazy, and donate to a good cause as well!


Androgyny is a challenging thing to manage.

As a creator and someone with a rather skewed concept of gender, my personal belief is as follows…

THINGS do not have gender.

Boys can wear dresses, girls can wear tuxedos. I really don’t see a problem with that.

The concept of THINGS having gender is, to me, ridiculously antiquated.

That said, the ~*Souzou Eien*~ contribution to Genre’s “Androgynous” round is…

A necklace. Yep… That’s what it be.

It can be worn by men, women, trans, genderfluid, gender odd, giants, tinies, and people in between.

100% Original Mesh


Materials Enabled

Texture HUD included.

Mystic Crystal Necklace Vend

This round of Genre runs from October 15th until November 12th.

Click here to visit the event in world!

Totally Twisted Top Shelf!

~*Souzou Eien*~ is participating in this round of Totally Top Shelf!

The theme this month? London Calling! Since it’s October they’ve put a rather twisted spin on things…

The result? Well… I’m sure by now you’ve figured out that ~*Souzou Eien*~ is anything but subdued, right?

If not… Prepare yourself for…


100% Original Mesh

Materials Enabled

Mod/Copy/No Trans

Each set comes with -2- different texture styles and a texture change HUD for each style.

Each set ALSO comes with a very, very basic Cane AO. There are a few awesome cane AOs that are for sale around the grid though if you want something better. Go on, we won’t be offended.

Dapper Cane Vendors Gentry Cane Vendors Rakish Cane Vendors Refined Cane Vendors

Not “Extreme” enough for you? Not “Twisted” enough for you? Ok well… how about these?

The Biter Mask & Head Harness AND The Readjustment Halo

100% Original Mesh

Materials Enabled

Mod/Copy/No Trans

Each set comes in two styles – Rusted & New

The Readjustment Halo has a built in animation that locks the neck so your head doesn’t move around.

Readjustment Halo Vend The Biter Vend

Totally Top Shelf runs from the 11th until the 31st of October.

For more information Click HERE!

Or visit the event IN WORLD!

Have you seen the Mystic Realm?

I hear there’s quite a fair going on.

With sights never before seen, sounds never before heard, and smells…

Well… Just try not to step in anything.

~*Souzou Eien*~ is represented by a lovely little shop on the second Sim.

It’s tucked away in a corner right beside Trap!

All ~*Souzou Eien*~ items at MRF are only available through the fair until it’s conclusion.

After the Fair there is a very good chance they will (Eventually) be found in the shop.

Oriax Horns Vend

Mephistopholes Horns Vend

Both sets of Horns are 100% Original Mesh

Mod/copy/No Trans

Materials Enabled

Both come with a plain pale, plain dark, or Adorned version with texture change HUD.










All Eyes are ANIMATED!! (as you can see by the gif below each set)

All eyes are 100% Original Mesh

Mod/Copy/No Trans


Visit the Mystic Realms Fair Today!

Click here to Visit

The Fair will be going from Oct. 10th until the 26th