Don’t lose your head…

Seriously, it’s quite a hazard once it’s been removed.

The following product will be available for the incredible Paradox Messmer‘s Halloween Hellraiser event.

More on the event later.. For now, the gruesome goody!

As always it is 100% Original Mesh.

Mod/Copy (It CAN be fitted to male or female base shapes)

It comes with the mesh, head alpha, and tattoo layer just to round things off nicely.

A little off the top vendor pic

Also if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been trying out a few different vendor styles. Want in on the fun? Check out the contest button at the top of the page and join in!


Alright, more on the Halloween Hellraiser event.

This event is going on October 18th – 19th at Dox’s incredible club, Soundproof.

50% of all vendor sales are going to benefit the MHA (Mental Health America) Charity.

There will be AMAZING DJs playing ’round the clock (from 12pm – 10pm slt) , goodies, prizes, gachas, and more!

The sale, btw, is continuing through the 1st of November!

Drop by, enjoy the music, the crazy, and donate to a good cause as well!

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