We <3 Cellos and floating chairs!

It’s time again for another round of We ❤ RP!

This round ~*Souzou Eien*~ has something a tad different for you lovely folks….

also a floating chair, but FIRST!


The following item includes so much stuff that we had to use a shoehorn to get it into the box!

Not only is it the usual true – Mod/Copy, 100% original mesh, materials enabled, includes a texture HUD…

BUT all sorts of options have been included to enable you to use this instrument no matter where you are!

Not the type to play the instrument itself? Well that’s just fine, there are numerous decorative options, none of which go over 7 land impact!

Masters Cellow Vend N


Up next we have a relaxing means of travel that’s fun for the whole family!

Mod/Copy, 100% Original Mesh, Materials Enabled, Texture Change HUD included!

Hover Carriage Vend N


Both of these items are available at We ❤ RP throughout the Nov ’14 round!

Both items are 50% off throughout this round of We ❤ RP!

What are you waiting for?! Visit We ❤ RP Today! (<Click!)

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