Post Apocalyptic Pain…

Time for another round of Genre!

This round’s theme – Post Apocalyptic

This theme is a favorite of mine so I decided to do something a little different. No jewelry, no accessories, just pure clean (and bloody) fun! After all, we’ll need something to beat the zombies, aliens, and each other to death when the time comes, right? What’s better for that than a good old fashioned nail bat?!

That’s right, available in 4 different styles, each style including 1 clean, 1 bloody version, ~*Souzou Eien*~ brings you…

Vera and her little Sisters!

100% Original Mesh w/ Materials Enabled

Mod/Copy/No Trans

Pose in photo included, just wear the bat! It works with any AO!

Vera and her sisters Main Vend Bloody and clean bats

Vera – Named for Jayn’s beloved gun since she’s the big sister of the family.

Betsy – Named in honor of a dear friend’s beloved Nail Bat (with his permission)

Helga – The bruiser of the four, you don’t mess with Helga.

Jennifer – The pretty one, she’s the baby of the group but she still packs one hell of a whallop!

Available NOW at Genre! Click here to grab your very own!

Genre Layout

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