Light up your world…

A while ago a friend of mine slipped me a suggestion that I found rather… amusing.

The following items, now available at We ❤ RP at a 25% discount are the result.

Hopefully you’ll find them equally amusing or, the other popular term is ‘cute’.

These come in two packs, though the rezzable lights are also available separately.

Each item is colour change by touch (it drops a menu).

Each item is 100% Original Mesh with materials enabled.

All are Mod/Copy/No Transfer.

Light up your world with a bit of Fae Magic today!

Fae Orb Lights Fatpack Vend N

(Worn Lanterns have 2 poses in them. Wear to activate the pose, click to change poses.)

(Each pose works with most AOS)

Worn Fae Orbs Vend N

Visit We ❤ RP today to get your very own Fae Orbs!

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