Super Mega New Years Eve Release!

~*Souzou Eien*~ is ringing in the new year by clearing out it’s closets!

That’s right folks. Everything (or nearly everything) that’s been held over from various events

is now available at the Main Store Location and on Marketplace!

The following items have been released to the public.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Drop Draconias Timeless a notecard in world OR wait a few days.

The new Structural & Decorative area is under construction.

Vera and her sisters Main Vend

(Bats are also available separately In World – as is the Bat Rack Display)

Empire of Roses Crown Vend N Blast Goggles Vend N Hover Carriage Vend N Masters Cellow Vend N

Mystic Crystal Necklace Vend N Oculus Optics Vendor N Serpentine Optics Vend NA little off the top Vend N

Now available at the ~*Souzou Eien*~ In World Store and on Marketplace!

Are you a VIP? Remember, you get a 50% refund on all In World New Releases as long as they’re in the New Release area! Not a VIP? Join today! Just copy/paste the following URL into SL chat, hit enter, and click the link that pops up: secondlife:///app/group/84fd7c91-e4f1-60b5-4ba7-5e44ce5f41ca/about

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