Swish and Flick…

It’s time again for another round of Genre!

This round’s theme – Dark Arts.

~*Souzou Eien*~’s offering for this round may not be typical to Dark Arts themselves but it really just

depends on how you use the items we have available.

These were created by special request and they’re something we’ve considered making for some time now.

The following items are RP PROPS. They are -Unscripted-.

100% Original Mesh

Mod/Copy/No Trans

Materials Enabled

Land Impact – 1-2 each at purchased size.

Viewable examples available in world.

Crafted Wands Vend N Druidic Wands Vend N

For more information on Genre, check out their Blog!

Genre runs from February 15th – March 12th

Click here to drop by today and grab your set of wands!

Keeping it Fresh…

So I woke up this morning (2/5/15) thinking it’d just be another typical day…

I was wrong. So very, very wrong.

Has anyone here heard of ROMP? If not, click the link.

One of the coordinators is an acquaintance of mine and it turns out their Fresh fair had a couple slots open.

Thus I sat down and worked my shapely backside off from dawn until quite a while after dusk.

The following is what came from that feverish work.

All items, as always, are…

100% Original Mesh

Materials Enabled

Texture HUD included (when applicable)


Posture Hooks Vend N Industrial Hanging Cages Vend N

All items are 25% off throughout the event.

Fresh is open to the public from 2/6/15 – 2/19/15 HERE