Halloween came early this year!

Well, sort of…

The lovely folks at Blue Moon Enterprises have been kind enough to include ~*Souzou Eien*~ in their Fantasy Creators Showcase event.

This round is affectionately called the “Allhallows Showcase Festival” and revolves around halloween type items.

It will be going on from Sept. 12th – October 31st, so you have ample time to drop in and poke around. There’s a lot of really interesting stuff and a hunt! Yay!

One of the unique things about this event is, unlike a lot of events in SL, the point of it is to showcase items that’ve already been made. So ~*Souzou Eien*~ has… quite a few items available for a 25% discount out at the event location. AND a 100% FREE hunt item!

The following item is 100% Free, just look for the pumpkins!

Light of the Watch Vend N

And this is the mess of goodies that are currently available for 25% off at the Allhallows Showcase area!

~_S.E._~ Draconian Wings Pic (we _3 RP Aug '15) Little Imp T Vend N Little Imp H Vend N Little Imp Vend N Little Imp W Vend N Seraphic Horns Vend N Oriax Horns Vend N Mephis Horns Vend N Celestial Horns Vendor NBellerophon's Gaze Main Vend copyHeartless pic copy

Also our Dip Dyed Spook Gacha is on site at 25L$ a pull!

Dip Dyed Spooks Vend N

Drop by today at the Allhallows Showcase Festival and enjoy!


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