A bit of Victorian charm…

The Challenge is one of those events that’s been around for a while. Yet this round is the very first time ~*Souzou Eien*~ is a participant and we decided to go all out.

The Challenge has themes and this theme is “Victorian” so we cooked up a cute little house for you!

It’s a petite little thing but full of Victorian charm from it’s gabled roof to it’s worn brick foundation.

Capable of fitting into a 512 or anything above, it’s footprint is only 12×13 square meters. And yet it doesn’t feel cramped inside at all with it’s open two story floor plan, high ceiling, and tall windows.

All windows and doors DO open using the Kool Door system. Just give them a click and they’ll slide up, to the side, or swing inward.

A demo is set up in world so you’re more than welcome to drop by and take a peek inside! (Just take the teleport board in the main store area. It’s right next to the house vendors)

These houses, like all things available at ~*Souzou Eien*~ are:

100% Original Mesh

Materials Enabled

Mod/Copy/No Trans (they might say otherwise but they are mod, I assure you)

Also the interior walls ARE TINTABLE!!

Annabell (The Mini-Victorian house) is available in the following colors:

Annabell Victorian Pink Vend N Annabell Victorian Blue Vend N Annabell Victorian Green Vend N Annabell Victorian Lavender Vend N Annabell Victorian Neutral Vend N

These items are 50% off through The Challenge (which runs Oct. 31st – Nov. 29th) so they will shift to their full price once they are released into the shop after the event has come to it’s end.

(Please expect some lag between the event’s closure and their release into the main store.)

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