Are you too sexy?

Get yourself tested today with ~*Souzou Eien*~’s brand new Love Tester!

Out now for the XOXO Hunt! (Feb. 14th – 21st)

At only 2 land impact this fancy machine can be set out anywhere and anyone that desires to know precisely how sexy they are can approach, click, enjoy a brief light show as the bulbs light up at random before settling on the precise level of sexy which has been decided with SCIENCE! and explain it’s meaning.

Please remember that it’s not good to argue with SCIENCE! As SCIENCE! might become angry and nobody wants that. However responses have been known to adjust over time. Always good to check back again after attempting to improve your level of sexy.

The following item is…

100% Original Mesh w/ Materials Enabled

Only 2 land impact!

Mod/Copy/No Trans

Scripted for your entertainment!

For further information on the “Hunt” and where to pick up the multi-location HUD please CLICK HERE otherwise click here to drop by the ~*Souzou Eien*~ Main Store Location and pick up your Love Tester today!

These items will be available at the ~*Souzou Eien*~ Main Store and on Marketplace after the event.

(Please remember that there tends to be some lag between the end of an event and in-store release. If they are not in the shop when you drop by to check, please check back within a few days to a week.)

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