Faith in Humanity Restored 100%

Thank you.jpg

I woke up this morning (Jan. 27 2019) and logged into my Second Life Dashboard to check on things as I do every morning… and my jaw dropped. So many amazing people came out to participate in the sale or just toss a few L$ into the donation thermometer to help out me and my odd little family during our time of crisis. I have been completely blown away by two people in particular who are well aware of who they are… But you’re all fucking amazing, you’ve all saved us. We’ve made enough, thanks to your donations, to make rent on time and make a grocery run and just.. survive… until the other half’s back-pay comes in and stabilizes things further.

There are genuinely no words for how incredibly grateful I am for everyone’s help during this crisis. It really has restored my faith in humanity so very much. I figured it was a shot in the dark to start the sale and ask for help, I hated doing it. I still loath the fact that I had to put myself out there like that, considering how awkward I’ve always been with people and how my friend network in SL has been practically nonexistent since I stopped being capable of spending every waking minute in world a couple years ago… Never in my life did I think myself worthy of such an outpouring of kindness and generosity… but you’ve all proved me so very wrong and I wish there was something I could do to repay everyone. The best I can do, however, is promise to pass it on if the opportunity ever arises… and do my best to remember that angels do exist and nobody is so disconnected to be completely without hope if they retain the ability to reach out and ask for help.

Thank you. Thank you all from the very bottom of my twisted, black little heart.

You’ve saved us.


George thanks you as well.


Also, because I already selected and announced the end date of the sale, I’m just going to let it run its course. So if you’re interested in grabbing something from the shop for 50% off you have until January 31st at 11:59pm to do so! (Click here to Teleport!)

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