Here are some Frequently Asked questions and their corresponding answers. If you can’t find your question feel free to contact Draconias Timeless in world or via email (see side bar Contact Info) and he’ll get back to you ASAP:


** Why are there two prices on the vendors in the main store?

The higher is the price for non-VIP group members. The lower is for those wearing the VIP group tag. If you are not a VIP group member it costs only 50L$ to join and is as simple as editing the vendor prim and clicking on the ‘group’ link on the first page of the edit menu. This will open the group window and then all you must do is click the ‘join’ button.


*I’m not happy with the perms on this item, can I get them as something else?

Unfortunately no. Item perms may change in the future and if, at that time, you’re looking to update you’re welcome to do so by finding the redelivery frame at the shop’s entrance and clicking on it. Then it’s a matter of locating the item you purchased from the site that pops up. If you purchased the item via marketplace and it’s been update please contact Draconias Timeless in world via notecard with the MARKETPLACE order information or (if the purchase is very old) a current photograph of your AV holding/wearing the item for an update.


If you purchase an Open Collar scripted item from a ~*Souzou Eien*~ gacha machine and want to switch the perms to Mod/Copy/No Trans you are welcome to pass it to me with a notecard stating as much (just handing me the object means it might get lost).


*Can you do this item in another colour/texture/size/etc?

Due to the sheer number of options on the majority of the items available in ~*Souzou Eien*~ and the current overload of events going on in world minor tweaks and adjustments are not currently available.


*I didn’t receive the item I purchased and/or can no longer find it in my inventory. Could I get a new copy?

Sure! Just send Draconias Timeless a notecard in world containing the name and SL Transaction information regarding this purchase and a brief explanation informing him of your interest in receiving a new version due to loss or SL hiccup. Or visit the redelivery kiosk at the ~*Souzou Eien*~ Main Store.


*Can I get a refund?

Due to the fact that the L$ made from ~*Souzou Eien*~ goes to fund future creations, tier on the shop space, and RL expenditures, refunds are not available. In certain circumstances replacement items or gift cards may be available instead, however. This is purely at Draconias Timeless’s Discretion depending on the situation.


*There’s a problem with my purchase AND I followed every instruction in the included notecard! What do I do?!

Write up a notecard detailing the problem as precisely as possible and send it directly to Draconias Timeless in world. The texture is NOT supposed to stay grey for ages, and the script is supposed to work, promise! You will receive a replacement item as soon as the problem is verified.


* Can I make a suggestion for a new item?

Yes! Yes, you can. You’re more than welcome to make a suggestion that may or may not end up for sale in the shop by emailing Draconias Timeless or dropping a notecard on the skull at the rez in point to the ~*Souzou Eien*~ Main store. Please do not contact Draconias Timeless directly regarding suggestions.


* Alright well what about a commission?

Commissions are taken on a purely case by case basis. If you’re looking for something unique and entirely original please write up a CLEAR and DETAILED description on a notecard in world and drop it on Draconias Timeless’s Profile. He will get back to you as soon as he’s able. Please be aware that due to an overloaded event schedule commission acceptance is very rare but not entirely unheard of.


*I have a fashion blog and I’d love it if I could receive regular blogger packs, where do I sign up?

Check out the Blogger tab on the upper portion of the Blog page for the current ~*Souzou Eien*~ Blogger policy and application. Thank you so much for your interest!


*I would like to gift an item that isn’t currently available on Marketplace to someone. How do I do that?

All in world vendors are capable of gifting. All you need to do is Left Click on one or Right Click – Select Touch from the pie menu. Then select “Gift” from the menu that drops down and follow the prompts. If the person you wish to gift is currently offline they will receive their gift once they’ve logged in.


*There’s something I have that isn’t in the shop anymore or was made for an event and isn’t in the shop currently, how would I go about purchasing another version for myself or a friend?

Unfortunately, if it’s no longer in the shop, or never made it into the shop, there’s a good chance it’s been retired or was entirely exclusive to that event and is no longer available, even on special order. Sorry 😦


*How much stuff in the store is actually original/Not kit?

Absolutely everything in the shop is original! Kits have been phased out as of October 1st ’14.


*Would you like to join my hunt/event/co-op/etc?

Quite possibly, it depends primarily on the time frame and my current work load. Feel free to send me a notecard or drop one in the suggestion ‘box’ at the ~*Souzou Eien*~ Main store’s landing point.


*I’m currently renting mall space and was wondering if you would be interested in a spot?

Unless it’s free or can be paid through split profit (I use Caspervend for this) with no sales requirement, I have no interest in satellite location invitations at this time. Yes, some exceptions have been made but they are my decision as I will find the location myself.


*What does Souzou Eien MEAN?!

Imagine Eternity (Bastardized Phonetic Japanese)

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