It’s important to remember…

That we all have magic inside us

~J.K. Rowling

Granted, having something to represent or amplify that power is always a good idea as well. At least, that was our thinking when we created the series of items NOW Available at We ❤ RP for 25% off until June 30th!

The following items are all…

Mod/Copy/No Trans

100% original Mesh

Materials Enabled

Both chokers are texture HUD enabled with tons of options!

Both decorative pentacles are texture change SCRIPTED with tons of options!

All decorative pieces are ONLY 1 LAND IMPACT!!

Stop by We ❤  RP today to grab these goodies while they’re still 25% off!

(For those of you who showed up as soon as this was posted please remember that We ❤ RP isn’t officially open to the public until 1pm SLT on the 4th of the month!)


Feeling a bit Baroque?

Now Available at the ~*Souzou Eien*~ Main Store and on Marketplace!

All items are 100L$ Or less (apart from fatpacks)

~*Souzou Eien*~ Has some brand new 100% Original Mesh for you ornate beauties!

Each set is Mod/Copy/No Trans.

Each Set comes with a Texture Change HUD (no copy)

And yes, these items are considered Unisex (at least by me). So Gents, Enjoy!

~*S.E.*~ Pearls of Narcissus

~*S.E.*~ Opalescent Choker

Check them out in world HERE!

Or on Marketplace!