Slice, Dice, and make Julliene Fries!

It’s time again, my darklings, for the first round of We ❤ RP of the New Year!

~*Souzou Eien*~ has something special for you all.

Something elegant, refined, and perhaps even… Dare I say it?

Something… pointy. *insert eyebrow waggle here*

The following item is, as always…

100% Original Mesh

Materials Enabled

Texture change HUD included with super easy resize button

Mod/Copy/No Trans

(So that you can MANUALLY move and modify this object using ‘select linked parts’ in the build menu!)

It WILL fit ALL genders. It WILL Fit practically any size of Avatar.

You just need to fiddle with them a bit. They WILL fit though, promise!

Ladies, Gentlemen, and every other fabulous human being and non-human entity out there,

~*Souzou Eien*~ is proud to present….

Piercer Claws Vend N

Available until the end of the month at 50%. Just CLICK HERE to visit our stall at We ❤ RP today!

For more incredible We ❤ RP finds, visit their blog by clicking HERE!

Don’t forget to drop by the ~*Souzou Eien*~ In World Main Store for more goodies!