Real Life Emergency Sale!!

emergency sale sign

Click here to stop by the shop today

Everything is 50% off until January 31st 11:59pm!

This includes:  Furniture (Adult, PG, AND Decorative) – Jewelry & Accessories – All Buildings & Skyboxes – All GACHA MACHINES – Basically EVERYTHING in the store!!

This is not a joke or a hoax, I am very much in danger of losing the apartment and be homeless if I don’t get help fast.


For those of you not in the United States, our government has been ‘partially’ shut down for a little over a month now. It doesn’t matter why or whose fault it was or what needs to be done to re-open it. What does matter is my better half works for a branch of the government as an IT specialist (basically they keeps things functional and remind people to try turning it off and back on again if things go buggy) and that branch has been shut down since late December. Recently, they’ve been required to come back in to work but WITHOUT pay. If they refuses, they’ll be fired.

They’re technically a ‘legal’ slave at the moment.

Due to my health taking a rather violent nosedive a couple years ago I haven’t been able to hold a real life job and my work here has (obviously) suffered due to the fact that my migraines can be triggered by anything that gives me a lot of stress… like arguing with blender while attempting to meet a looming deadline. This is because, when I’m stressed out I do what most human beings do, I clench my teeth and that, in turn, causes my jaw and SCM muscles to tighten. When my right SCM muscle tightens it knots which, in turn, triggers a migraine and then I’m laid out in bed for days or weeks at a time while I pray for the world to stop spinning, or for a quick death. I am medicated but that doesn’t fix the problem entirely. Anyway, long story short it makes keeping a job or working here consistently an extreme challenge, if not entirely impossible.

So here we are, over 30 days into the government shutdown. Missing two paychecks from the other half’s job. Living on credit cards and borrowed time. Unfortunately, the credit cards have backfired due to some asshole across the country managing, somehow, to get a hold of our visa card number and maxing that out. What little we have left is beginning to dry up fast and February’s rent is looming less than a week away.

We have nowhere to turn, no family to help us. I’ve been a complete wreck for the last few weeks because of this mess. I feel useless and hopeless and there isn’t much I can do to help the situation beyond not eating too much or otherwise putting any further financial strain on the situation. I feel horrible asking you guys for help, each of you have your own issues to deal with but this is all I can do and things have become so dire I have to do SOMETHING…

So please… if you can find it in your hearts to stop by the shop and help out it would be greatly appreciated. Everything’s been discounted to 50% off until the end of the month (Jan. 31st) and there’s a donation thermometer in the front of the shop for those of you who don’t want to buy anything but still want to help out with what little you can spare.

Anything counts. Everything is appreciated. I wish I could offer more in return but all I can really offer at the moment is my undying gratitude to anyone kind enough to help us.

Click here to stop by the shop today

emergency sale sign


If you won’t do it for me, at least do it for George. He deserves a warm home and good food. He’s over 13 now, he’s been our little dude all his life so rehoming isn’t an option… and he hates car rides more than damn near everything so living in a pickup truck really isn’t a great idea.


Update: As of 12pm-ish on 1/25/19 (Ironically, the exact time this post originally went out) the President of the US announced a 3 week C.R. to reopen the government until February 15th. I am going through with the sale and continue to ask you to please donate what you can. We have no idea when my partner’s pay will be released and rent is still looming dangerously before us. I take every word that orange buffoon says with a bucket of salt and things have been so rocky lately that if things shut down again after February 15th it’s going to continue to be a nightmare for us as we attempt to simply survive with a roof over our heads. So please stop by, enjoy the sale, or donate what you can to the thermometer up front. Every little bit helps.

Thank you. Every single one of you.